Anatolia, the cradle of main civilizations of mankind, has many master pieces which are gifted by those civilizations to the history. Communities always tried to create splendid works symbolizing their power and glory. Marble has always been the first choice for them with its endurance, firmness and beauty.

Marble paving in our country was started in Marmara Island, which is known as one of the oldest marble processing areas in the world. With the exploration of other reserves in various parts of Turkey, it expanded all over the country.

Until 1980’s, marble production continued as block centered. In 1990’s block production and product manufacturing are balanced. And after 1990’s there has been an advance in product manufacturing and exportation. In 2000, processed marble share in total marble exportation has reached to the percentage of 82,3%.

With the rapid development in processed marble exportation, attention of investors has focused on this sector. There has been a serious increase both in the number of manufacturers and product outcome. On the contrary, there has been a lack of educated staff, who has knowledge on foreign market and buyers in the sector and steer the manufacturer through his needs with an open communication and complete understanding.

Establishers of Bluestone Consultancy, who took place in the big advancement of 90s, set out on their way to fulfill the need of experienced staff in the sector, carry out needs of buyers and to steer manufacturers in accordance with these needs. Current objective of Bluestone Consultancy is to carry out Turkish nature stone production to the point it deserves.

Nurdeğer ULUBAŞ
Bluestone Consultancy